Chant des Lumières Exsangues

The door I came in from shut and disapeared; and here I am on the threshold, fearless. It is like a free fall jump, experienced by a blind person. I lived on the other side, but I am not dead here. I am surrounded by light without blood, through which I walk to the next stage.

The score is partly writen, partly improvised around imposed note paterns. It was originaly thought as a musical response to Anaïs CHARRAS‘ « Les Gardiens » series (initiated in 2014), a set of 12 drawings on paper-layed wooden panels including the one below. It has then been included in a performance including dance and poetry reading (see below).


Instrumentation Bass Clarinet, Viola, Percussions & Piano

Premiered on May 22nd, 2015 at Galerie Ko21, Paris (original version) + June 16th, 2015 (dance+poetry version) at Olympic Café, Paris // in partnership with Classical Revolution France

Alvaro ZEGERS (B. Cl) Ruth AMARO (vla) Sylvain THOMAS (perc.) Yuko HIRONAKA (pno) // & for the dance+poetry version: César MURILLO + Karina VERA (contact-improvisation) Anne-Cécile CAUSSE (poems) Anne-Sophie NICOLAS (reciter)