La Serre d’Émeraude

A little bit about myself. I moved to Paris when I was 18. The first few mounths there, all I had in my appartment was some cooking gear, a couch (on which I used to sleep), one table, two chairs and my mother’s old piano. For almost a year I felt I didn’t need more. When I was alone at home, I practiced and composed music for the plays my friends in theatre studies at the university were working on. From this period I kept a book of scores, most of them way too simplistic to be made public; but following advice from a wise friend I picked 18 tracks among 5 pieces to record on disk, as a testimony. After a succesful campagne of crowdfunding, Anne-Cécile Causse (Cello), Silvia Zanaboni & Jean-Luc Tassel (Pno) and I locked ourselves in a studio near Paris for 3 days. Ensued « La Serre d’Emeraude », The Emerald Greenhouse, a selection of short pieces composed from the age of 16 to my early 20’s.

You can buy this album (and help me financially by doing so ^^) off BandCamp