Simultaneous Translations

Live music + photo projection

Since I was a child, I am drawn to observing. Contemplation of landscapes, and especially the way light wraps around them, has always been a great source of inspiration to me, even before I knew how to write music. In this project with my friend Terence Pique, I saw an opportunity to make the relationship between my reading of the light and my work sensible. I composed four sets of numbered musical sequences, for four instrumentalists. As the pictures from Terence’s « D’un certain état labyrinthique du paysage » series (see contact sheet below) where projected in shuffle mode on the wall in front of me, I would read them, and tell each musician what to play next. And this randomness-embracing process, along with several moments left to complete improvisation, sometimes gave way to music even I hadn’t anticipated.


Intrumentation Flute in C and Bass, Clarinets in Bb and A, Violin, Cello, small Percussions

Premiered on October 21st, 2016 in Tokyo, Hot Buttured Club // with the support of: Institut Français Tokyo and the French Ambassy in Japan // in partnership with Petit Kokoro (booking).

Kaori WAKABAYASHI (Fl) Kaoru NISHIMURA (Cl) Aya KONO (Vln) Kei YAMAZAWA (Vlc) // Térence PIQUE (photos)

Sous le parrainage de: Ambassade de France / Institut français du Japon

Pictures of the premiere ! (Thanks to Maeda Hiro-taka © 2016 all rights reserved)