Short video made in a day, using my phone and its built-in editing tools (and a computer software for the music), hence ugly titling and a somewhat low-fi sound.

Cette Face Obscure

My father is an artist. He lives in Versailles, far from the fuss of daily life, and seldom accepts to expose his work to the public. Though on a few occasions, it is possible to see some of it; one of these occurences happened in November 2007 (I was 20) and took place at an art gallery, in the very center of Paris, now closed. For the occasion, he asked if I could design some thing to fill the room with music.

This is what my father does, among other things. Click for link.
This is what my father does, among other things. Click for link.

Inspired by a process originaly developped by Brian Eno, I recorded a CD with the 16 tracks below, plus 4 tracks of white noise (300, 500, 700 & 900 seconds). I made 4 copies of the CD, and played it in shuffle mode on 4 CD players conceiled inside of pedestals, in all 4 corners of the room.

Want to try? Just play 2 to 4 (or up) of the tracks below simultaneously.

Dans le nord d’Amsterdam In the North of Amsterdam

Discussion Discussion

Dressé sur la pelouse Standing on the lawn

Et soudain, comme prévu All of a sudden, as expected

Le livre d’essais The book of Tries and Errors

Du pacifisme des antennes On Pacifism among Antennas

Le regard du vieux The Old Man’s Look

Les grands objets brillants Large shiny Objects

Les pensées du chat errant A Stray Cat’s Thoughts and Wonders

Le spleen du corbeau A Crow’s Spleen

Magie, fantôme et téléphone Magic, ghost and telephone

Presque entier Just shy from Whole

Sous le monde Underneath the World

Une foule de petites chutes Plenty of small Falls

Un peu plus loin dans les terres A little further in the land

Opening on November 8th, 2007 at Galerie M, Paris, exhibit up until 11/20.